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VENUS LOGISTICS was established in 2016 partnered with GDEX to fulfil our customer’s logistics needs. Since inception VENUS LOGISTICS was set out to be the most efficient logistics company there is. Being fast is not sufficient for us, because we do things the right way. Some companies rush deliveries causing broken parcels and many mistakes to arise. For us, we utilize innovative inventory management to manage parcel movement effectively and efficiently. When courier management is done right, we are not only fast but have zero margin of error. We are committed in maintaining an excellent service quality at all service area because our customer satisfaction is the number one priority.
Mission & Vision : To provide our trusted customers with outstanding logistics services while connecting to people and businesses as their preferred logistics partner.

Our Services

Air Logistics

We can deliver across the continent via our Air Freight partner. For customers wishing to deliver overseas at the shortest time air logistics remains as the most ideal choice. Please be advised that money, jewellery, pornographic materials, and other contraband items are not permitted for delivery using air logistics.

Sea Logistics

For low-cost delivery overseas Sea Logistics is an ideal choice for our customers. Our sea freight services support logistics of very heavy and bulky items efficiently. Please be advised that money, jewellery, pornographic materials, and other contraband items are prohibited in sea freight services.

Land Logistics

We have wide area of network in our delivery including pickup services. Deliver your parcels and documents safely and quickly with ease. Coverage area included Tangkak, Sagil, Simpang Bekoh, Batu 10 dan Serom Perdana.

Just In Time Inventory

Our inventory warehouse applies just in time inventory management where each parcel is time tracked to prevent idle warehouse storage. Once we have consolidated parcels on route to identical location, we will identify the appropriate transportation method and proceed immediately with delivery. Our benefits include

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