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Venus Construction & Engineering was established as the construction subsidiary of VENUS GROUP INTERNATIONAL specialising in electrical, maintenance and material supplies. We have been involved principally in government projects in Malaysia of various structural and electrical engineering projects. Venus Construction & Engineering comprises of a strong and exceptional team of experts in the field of electrical engineering and construction. This has enabled us to undertake projects of various complexity successfully. Our company is committed to provide excellent construction engineering services at its highest quality standards sustainably and responsibly.

Mission & Vision : To be your trusted first choice and long-term electrical engineering partner. We want to provide high quality electrical engineering services while practicing the highest standard of safety that consistently exceeds our customer’s expectation.



We provide electrical and electronics of building structural works for both commercial, residential and government projects.


We provide maintenance work for structural, plumbing, and electrical to restore damages and address safety concerns.

Materials Supply

We procure and supply construction materials such as metal, piping, sand, cement, and concrete at excellent value.


We provide road construction services from maintenance to construction of new roads. This includes paving & rehabilitation of roads using asphalt, concrete and bitumen.

Pipe Jacketing

We supply and install high quality pipe jacketing materials for insulation of cold or hot water systems. Our pipe jacketing is resistant to corrosion and made with high density materials.

Pipe Insulation

We supply and install high quality temperature resistant pipe insulations that operates well below-ambient temperature to insulate and maintain low temperature flow.

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