Venus Group International

Company Background

Venus Group International was founded in 2016. We are a conglomerate of five companies branching out into multiple business sectors such as agriculture, logistics, consumer retail, construction & engineering, and education. We are driven with a passion to deliver excellence in product quality and services to our trusted customers.
To achieve excellence and world class services, Venus Group International is established with a vertical approach. This enables us to streamline our operations and take direct ownership of every stage of production, hence eliminating the need of external contractors or suppliers. As a result, we can better control costs and attain a superior level of quality from production to finished product/service.
We have also set up GC Fresh Mart stores in conjunction with Venus Agriculture to sell high quality, fresh and healthy produce from our own farms. We remain a competitive player in the market as our produce can be sold at attractive prices due to our streamlined operations. Our stores that are strategically located in Johor and Malacca takes advantage of rising customer demands.

Venus Group International Subsidiaries

Our Vision & Mission

To lead a Global Standard company that is committed in enhancing value for both our shareholders and our customers while maintaining sustainable production and long-term growth.



We raise up leaders that are loyal to the company with a strong sense of belonging and faithfulness in all their responsibilities. Through loyalty, we value perseverance & persistence in challenges to push through into good times where we reap its due rewards.


Honesty is a golden policy in our company as we strive to form long a long-lasting relationship with our customers, partners, and employees. We take integrity seriously in our work & conduct because trust is earned and guarded above all.

Hard Work 

We value diligence and commitment in our corporate lifestyle – not taking the easy way out in challenges. On the contrary, having a positive mindset without procrastination to solve issues at hand creatively and critically. At Venus Group International, hard work pays off!
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